New DISC incident Reporting Features

On the 15th of June several new features will be going live within the DISC tool. The attached PDF gives you a guide to the new incident reporting features.


'Incident-led' reporting

Users of  the Disc system will now be able to submit Incident Reports without associating them with a known offender (or 'Subject'), or adding a new Subject. Especially where they have no information whatever about the perpetrator, this makes it easier and faster for them to submit incidents.  But be assured:  the existing ('Subject-led') reporting system is still available just as before - reporters can still tap or click on an image of a 'Subject' in their Disc galleries, opening an Incident Report which they then complete and submit to you for processing.


Associating multiple Subjects with incidents

Disc users will also be able to associate multiple Subjects (offenders) with any incident they submit in Disc.