About us

What we do

  • Improve safety and security in public places, evening economy and the retail environment
  • CGBW provides a digital two-way radio connecting members to each other, local police and Community Wardens
  • CGBW collates and shares information, to help identify problematic or persistent offenders/suspects, whose activities and criminal behaviour affect the business community and their customers
  • CGBW takes appropriate actions on individuals linked to anti social behaviour or criminal behaviour, this can range from warning letters to exclusions from all members’ premises ie all shopwatch or pubwatch premises


  • Sussex Police
  • Crawley Borough Council
  • West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Crawley Open House
  • CGL – Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing
  • Dementia Alliance
  • National Association of Business Crime Partnerships
  • Sussex Business Crime Group
  • Individual members


  • Members can directly report incidents to Sussex Police 101 via the DISC app and website
  • Digital Radios connect members to each other and provide reassurance to vulnerable or lone workers
  • Real time communication with other members
  • Radios are a known visual deterrent
  • Radio ID to assist members when communicating with each other
  • Panic Button, which alerts all members if activated
  • Radios provide a direct link with our police, PCSOs and Council Community Wardens
  • In appropriate circumstances a text alert can also be sent to individual, groups or all radios
  • We engage collectively with police, local authorities and other agencies
  • Be alert to threats
  • Share information
  • Develop and use intelligence
  • Be part of a supportive community
  • Improve safety and security for the whole of Crawley
  • By sharing photographs and Intelligence traders and 'service providers' warn each other of pending trouble when shoplifters, drunks or persons known for anti social behaviour are active
  • Information that includes photographs of suspects, current offenders and excluded individuals is available 24/7 via the members area of our website and app

Membership Subscription

Membership is annual and based on rateable value, radio rental is £24.00 per month per radio.

Rateable value Monthly cost includes one radio Monthly cost without a radio
£0-£100,000 £39.63 per month £15.63 per month
£100,000-£200,000 £48.84 per month £22.00 per month
More than £201,000 £56.17 per month £33.00 per month

To join or find out more contact Crawley and Gatwick Business Watch Manager

Telephone: 01293 846951 or 07843678277

Email: info@cgbw.org.uk

Or follow the links on the website.