Recent Terror incidents



If you are able to run away or to a place of safety without putting yourself at any further risk, try and take as many people with you, without endangering yourself or others.

Where ever you are, working, shopping, socialising or on holiday, always be aware of where fire exits are.


If it is not safe to run, HIDE. Remember there are two types of hiding places!

  1. Hiding from view, you cannot be easily seen, there is a possibility that they will not find you, however you are still very vulnerable as your cover may not be suitable to stop a bullet (unlike the films where a car door saves the hero!)
  2. Hiding in a place of safety, think about your location. Plasterboard internal walls will not stop a bullet. Places that will stop a majority of bullets are things like a walk in fridge/freezer, large safes, behind structural walls, and reinforced steel doors


Call 999, if you are unable to speak consider texting, email or social media

  • Never assume someone has already called 999
  • More callers highlight the severity and impact of the situation
  • Not everyone sees the same things, so the more information available the bigger the picture

What they need to know

  • Who you are?
  • Where you are?
  • What has happened?
  • Exact location?
  • How many casualties?
  • How many people involved, possibly hostages?
  • How many suspects, descriptions of them, male/female, what clothing are they wearing, are they carrying rucksacks or bags?
  • Have you heard them speak?
  • What are they saying?
  • What language or accent is it?
  • What weapons do they have?
  • Is it a hand gun, knife, rifle, machine gun?
  • If shots were fire were they one at a time or multiple?
  • Where are they heading?
  • Any information you can give them about the building, coded or locked doors?
  • Where you are hiding, and how many people are with you?


Your Mobile Phone or if you are a CGBW member your CGBW radio could be vital for you to communicate when it is safe to do so.

  • Turn your mobile to silent and turn off vibrate
    • A media alert, or phone call could give away your location
    • A mobile could be extremely vital to communicate where you are to emergency services
    • If from your position it is safe to do so, consider videoing what is happening. This could assist Police in identifying suspects, and what has been happening. There have been occasions where armed suspects have hidden amongst hostages to protect their identity from the emergency services
  • If you have a town link radio, this could be really useful however:
    • Prior to hiding turn the volume down until you see a speaker and x
    • Turning it off? Remember that when you turn it back on if the volume is up, the radio always makes a noise which could give your position away
    • The radio has two channels, if appropriate ask those involved to go to channel two. This will reduce any unnecessary communications over the airwaves.